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Digital SkyLite™ In-Ceiling Video System


Unique Solution

Digital Window Unique Solutions

Norvision’s proprietary state-of-the-art in-ceiling video system for radiation vaults provides a digital patient solution for your radiation patients to bring them comfort and relaxation during a difficult part of their day.

Hours of Curated Content

Norvision SkyLite™  is a digital video solution specifically designed for radiation vaults. Our proprietary systems meet the needs for delivering new and unique patient-centered entertainment while undergoing specialized treatment. With access to hours of high-resolution visual content, patient care providers can create a customized and memorable experience for each patient. This new technology can help reduce anxiety levels and increase comfort for radiation patients, making the process easier and more effective.

Highly Customizeable Solution

With access to hours of  high-resolution visual content patient care providers can create a customized and unique experience for each patient.

With our powerful and modular digital platform, patients can now choose relaxing visuals along with calming music.

Comforts Patients With Soothing Imagery

Engaging video and audio options help to reduce stress and anxiety by providing digital patient solutions that provide an experience that takes their focus off their location and treatment.

Centrally Managed and Pre-Approved Content Options

With pre-determined and approved options, provided with patient needs in mind, patient care providers can offer patients a personalized experience.

Sizes and Configuration For Any Size Vault

Where you’re constructing a new radiation oncology vault or want to add a patient entertainment solution to an existing facility, Norvision can design a system to meet your unique needs.

This proprietary and unique digital entertainment solution from Norvision enhances the patient experience and delivers the
exceptional care your organization strives to provide.