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Norvision Digital Donor programs help large and small organizations appreciate their donors with unique, high-quality, easy-to-manage recognition solutions. Donor recognition is known to increase campaign awareness and attract future donors. We’ve made this process effortless and accessible to everyone regardless of location, budget, or project size. Request a demo, and let us help you find the right digital solution for your organization.

Engaging Recognition

Engaging Recognition

Recognize Donors, Staff, and Volunteers. Everyone likes to be appreciated. With custom donor wall solutions, you can provide recognition to everyone who helps achieve your organization’s mission.

Compelling Stories

Compelling Stories

Why rely on text alone when visitors and potential donors want to see engaging photos and are willing to watch short videos to learn more about your organization, the people who have provided support, and the great programs that are a direct result of the generosity of your donors?

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions
With a custom digital donor wall, you can offer new and unique ways to recognize new donors cost-effectively in real time; as technology improves, so does your donor wall. You’re not stuck with an outdated platform or one that can not expand as your organization grows.

Largest Interactive Donor Wall

This 12-screen, 30-foot-long interactive digital donor wall shows over 160 donors’ names on screen at any one time; larger donors are on screen more often. The cabinet wall was built at Donor Signs in Detroit, Michigan, and transported to Oakland, California, for installation.

Motion triggers fun animations on the screen while donors’ names are still on the screen. A touchscreen interaction allows the control of a menu leading to information on the donors, donor stories, and videos about the good work donor funding allows.

The client’s brand design firm, Teak. provided the final graphics and branding design services.

Click to watch as Norvision installs a 30-foot interactive donor wall for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California.


Norvision Donor Recognition walls
provide a strong and uniquely tailored statement of recognition that donors deserve.

Make an Impression

Use custom content, dynamic visuals, and engaging videos to communicate your mission, story, and how the donations help your organization.

Tell Your Story

Why rely on text alone when visitors and potential donors want to see engaging photos and are willing to watch short videos to learn more about your organization?

Many of our clients use the interactive capabilities of the digital donor recognition wall to allow visitors to learn more about the organization,
see the people who have provided support or discover how the organization is helping its customers and the community.