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Banner Del Webb Cafe Digital Menu

Banner Del Webb cafe staff were interested in employing a better system for publishing specific menu items, communicating daily and weekly specials, selling meal combinations with desserts, nd providing customers with easily accessed information.

Digital Restaurant Menu Boards - Possibilities
Digital Restaurant Menu Boards - Capture Attention
Digital Menu

Easily Customized Templates

Custom digital menu solutions provide a seamless integration for new and updated menu designs, while allowing for flexibility of use for changing needs. Custom digital menu solutions can provide an easily updated platform internal signage like menus.

Capture Attention

Utilizing vibrant graphics, detailed images, and customized messages to capture customer attention. Why not make the most of customers who are already trained to stare at screens?

Content Flexibility

Easy to use and flexible software allows staff to schedule and build digital menus quickly and easily. Menus can be modified, deleted, or created as needed from a wide variety of platforms.

Robust Technology

Built to grow with the facility, digital solutions serve as a platform for new functionality as technology advances. You won’t find yourself stuck with an outdated system, mere months after adopting it.

Norvision offered Banner Del Webb a complete solution for their digital menus.

In turn, Norvision offered project management, system design, in addition to software and hardware solutions. This is in addition to Norvision’s expertise in ADA compliance
requirements for the installation of healthcare signage systems. Norvision provides training, support and maintenance for the digital menu systems on an ongoing basis.

Locating digital menu signage in a cafe or restaurant environment has been proven to increase sales by 30% to 50%.