Our Vision For Digital Dynamic Signage

Our Vision For Digital Dynamic Signage

Norvision specializes in designing, implementing and managing networked multi-channel and multi-screen advertising, branding and information systems. Norvision is a leading provider of Digital Dynamic Signage solutions for more than 15 years for the healthcare, entertainment, retail and education industries. 


Since its inception, Norvision has built effective digital signage systems for businesses and organizations all over the US. In the early days, Norvision designed and installed visual communication systems for the US Air Force. In 2003, Norvision designed the Harkins Digital Network (HDN) for Harkins Theatres, the largest privately owned movie theater chain in the US. We continue to service and update the network for the theater chain, ensuring that the system runs continuously and uses the latest software technology.  Currently, Norvision systems are running at  over 100 facilities in Arizona, California, Michigan and Colorado.


  • Digital Interactive Wayfinding/Directory Kiosks – help visitors and patients navigate
  • Digital Waiting Room systems – inform visitors about valuable services, events, and information
  • Doctor/Staff Lounge systems – inform staff about initiatives, events, employee recognition, and company alerts
  • Digital Donor Walls – recognize past donors and interest new donors
  • Digital Menu Board systems – display updated menus, nutritional facts, and meal specials
  • Skylite In-ceiling Video Walls for Radiation Treatment Rooms – relax patients with calming videos and images during radiation treatment


We have seen technology and users expectations change with regard to technology.  Through this blog we will share what we have learned and provide  information on getting more out of digital signage and digital solutions…..