Improve Sales Performance With Digital Signage

Improve Sales Performance With Digital Signage

Digital Restaurant Menu Boards Units

When considering digital signage for your company, you question whether it is worth it and if it will increase sales. Digital signage is a great way to market and advertise your product or company as well as interacting with the consumer. Here are a few statistics that show how digital signage has helped companies with their sales.


  • 68% of customers say they are more likely to purchase advertised products
  • 80% of grocery stores reported an increase in sales by at least 33%
  • Unplanned purchases in restaurants rose to 80%
  • 30% of customers find digital menu boards influential when purchasing an item
  • Overall sales increase by 31.8% due to digital signage


The great thing about digital signage is that you choose what to market and you can make those changes at any time. The efficiency of digital signage helps save printing costs as well as the time of producing and designing a message on paper. Over time, this is a very cost-efficient way to do your marketing. 


Digital signage is also a great way to interact with customers. Customers are the most important thing to any business, the goal for any business is to keep the consumers comfortable and happy. With digital boards, customers can learn more about your company through the information displayed as well as snatching their interest in certain products and events.