Digital Signage For Internal Communication

Digital Signage For Internal Communication

You invested a lot of capital and resources to improve your workplace communication with digital signage. Now make sure that you use this digitally driven messaging to its full potential. Traditionally, organizations relied on poster boards or emails to relay information to their staff. Your digital signage is a powerful tool that can easily improve or even replace traditional communication methods. When used correctly, your staff will be informed in seconds, no more walking around posting letter-sized messages on poster boards. By enhancing your message with enticing pictures or video, the effectiveness of your communication will be greatly improved. Here are some pointers on how digital signage technology can further improve engagement in the workplace.

How to use digital signage at the workplace

Important information that needs to be shared with your employees; digital signage makes it much easier to pass on that information with much less manual resources. You design your message from one terminal and press send, your message will now be posted on your designated screens. Updated in seconds, your technology makes information far more accessible for everyone in the workplace.
•Use digital signage in your workplace to share news and announcements with staff.
•Communicate essential company notifications and bulletins.
•Draw attention to upcoming corporate events, important meetings, and schedules.
•Emphasize your corporate brand, empower corporate values and reinforce company expectations and goals.
•Acknowledge department, team and individual employee successes.
•Use digital signage to inform staff of workplace safety procedures.
•Digital signage will convey emergency procedures such as evacuation routes, exits and on-campus meeting place in seconds.
•Use digital signage to provide details on how to handle in-office injuries, allergic reactions, or other medical issues.
•Use digital signage to inform employees of your commitment to the community.
•Keep everyone updated on your charitable initiatives.


When you use your digital signage to regularly share information, it’s likely that it will spur conversations between employees and throughout departments. Workplace collaboration can enhance the productivity of companies overall, so it’s sensible to take actions to promote shared ideas whenever possible. By making digital signage a feature in the workplace, employees will develop more engagement with one another and work toward achieving common success.


Digital signage for employee communications is a powerful tool to boost communications within your organization. Remember to continually improve and update your messages. Make it attention-grabbing and exciting – that is the number 1 key to a successful digital signage strategy for communicating with your employees.