Digital Communication With Digital Signage

Engage and Connect Instantly

COVID-19 continues to change our lives with every passing day. It’s critical for organizations to communicate quickly with employees, guests, and other stakeholders. Norvision has worked for over 20 years with leading healthcare providers, for whom the ability to communicate consistently and quickly with audiences is required. The safety and peace of mind provided by up-to-date workplace communication with digital signage is invaluable.


Now more than ever, poster boards or emails cannot adjust to daily or hourly changes in information or policies. Digital signage allows you to communicate using recorded video or audio messages to your audience, which makes the message more effective and maintains social distancing.

How to Use Digital Signage for Maximum Workplace Effectiveness

Design your messages from one terminal and press send; your message will now be posted on your designated screens. With the ability to update in seconds, your technology makes information far more accessible for everyone in the workplace.Use digital signage in your workplace to:
  • Share new information
  • Communicate essential changes in policy or procedures
  • Provide video messages from leadership to emphasize the importance of information, and outline expectations and goals
  • Acknowledge your team, show gratitude for the work they do
  • Inform staff of workplace safety procedures.
  • Convey emergency procedures such as evacuation routes, exits, and on-campus meeting places in seconds
When you use your digital signage to regularly share information right now, it’s likely that it will spur conversations between employees and throughout departments. Information is the most important commodity during this period of uncertainty.  Update the signage you have throughout your facility with information from a credible source, or rent temporary digital signage to keep everyone on the same page.  (If you have questions, email us or call and we can help you if you need it).  Be safe and well during this difficult time!