Benefits of SkyLite™ in-ceiling video system for radiation vaults

Benefits of SkyLite™ in-ceiling video system for radiation vaults


Radiation therapy is an essential treatment for cancer patients. However, the process can be a daunting experience for patients, as they may have to undergo multiple treatments over a period of time. The treatment process can cause stress and anxiety for patients, making it difficult for them to relax during the procedure. Norvision SkyLite™, a state-of-the-art in-ceiling video system for radiation vaults, provides a digital patient solution for your radiation patients to bring them comfort and relaxation during a difficult part of their day.

This state-of-the-art system includes a high-definition video display, ranging from 55 to 75 inches, mounted in the ceiling of the radiation vault. It is connected to a control panel outside the treatment room, allowing patients to select from various nature videos with soothing audio.

One of the benefits of our SkyLite™ solution is an effective tool for reducing anxiety levels in radiation patients. Our studies have shown that patients exposed to Norvision SkyLite™ during their radiation treatment reported lower anxiety levels compared to those not exposed to the system. Patients also reported feeling more comfortable during the treatment process, which can lead to a better overall experience.

Another benefit of in-ceiling video systems is that they can help reduce the perception of time during treatment. Radiation therapy sessions can feel long and tedious, and watching a video with soothing music can help make the time go by faster. Lastly, in-ceiling video systems can help reduce the need for sedation during treatment. Some patients may require sedation to help them relax during their treatment, but the distraction provided by the video can eliminate the need for sedation in some cases.

The SkyLite™ is beneficial not only for patients but also for healthcare professionals. Radiation therapists can use the system as a distraction tool to help patients focus on something other than their treatment. This can help patients relax, making the treatment process easier and more effective. Healthcare professionals can also use the digital skylight to create a more positive environment, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

In conclusion, Norvision SkyLite™ is a new technology that can help reduce anxiety levels and increase comfort for radiation patients. The system can create a relaxing atmosphere and distract patients from their treatment, making the process easier and more effective. Healthcare professionals can use the digital skylight to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. With its cost-effectiveness and ease of use, Norvision’s SkyLite™ is a valuable tool for healthcare facilities looking to enhance the patient experience.

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