Project Description

St Mary’s
Wayfinding Simplicity

Improving the Experience. The St. Mary’s facility wanted to personalize their visitor’s experience by providing photos of physicians and directing visitors to elevators and volunteer locations.


Customized Search Parameters

Using maps already created by St. Mary’s, Norvision simplified locations and created an easier mapping protocol that helps visitors.

Easy End-User Navigation

Multiple large touch-enabled screens with site maps, directories, and photos provide easy and consistent navigation options.

Simple Real-Time Updating

Norvision’s administrative portal allows St. Mary’s management to make changes easily, adjust direction, and update based on unique needs.

Robust Technology Platform

Norvision placed ADA compliant kiosks at key entries at the facility. Our technology is built to grow and change with your facility.

wayfinding-complete-solutionExpertise in ADA, HIPAA and OSHPD Compliance requirements

Knowing where you are, knowing your destination, knowing and following the best route to your destination, being able to recognize your destination upon arrival, and reversing the process to find your way out is the end product of a good digital wayfinding system. Simplicity and functionality are what drive our solutions!